London Area Resources

London has some great resources for both mental health support and community engagement. Whether you’re looking for a meditation class, someone to talk you through a late night panic attack, or a place to meet new people, you’ll find a starting point here. 

Distress Line and Crisis Services

Reach Out is a bilingual 24/7 information, support and crisis service for people with mental health or addiction concerns living in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex or London. Whether you are in active crisis (i.e. feeling suicidal) or just in need of some support, you can call them and speak to one of their counsellors. They can also provide information and referrals for mental health services in London and area. You can reach them by phone and webchat.

Phone:  519-433-2023  or  1-866-933-2023       Webchat:

Mental Health Support

CMHA-Middlesex is the main hub for mental health services and support in the community. They offer case management services, group programming, bereavement support, housing support, emergency stabilization space, and much more. Their group programming includes disorder or issue specific support but also groups for fun and personal development. They also provide referrals to other mental health services in the London area.

Family Service Thames Valley connects individuals, couples, and families with mental health support. They offer both individual and group counselling, as well as a walk-in clinic. They also have services for financial/credit counselling and for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. 

Anova combines the services of Women’s Community House and the Sexual Assault Services of London to provide safe places, shelter, support, counselling, and resources for abused women, their children, and all oppressed individuals to find a new start. They offer individual and group counselling, shelter services, family court support and more.

Parenting Support and Services

Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre provides help to families in crisis or transition. They have group programming for both children and adults. They offer support and education, respite care (including overnight care), child-minding, and more. They have a number of groups that promote parent-child attachment. They also house the MotherReach program, a drop-in group held every Thursday from 1-3 for mothers struggling with post-partum adjustment (i.e, mood, anxiety, etc).

EarlyOn Child and Family Centres provide free programs and information for parents and young children. They have play centres that usually offer story time, circle time, and other programming (e.g., sensory play, music). Some locations also have toy and clothing exchanges or other helpful services. There are over a dozen locations in the London area. Click on the link to find one close to you.

ChildReach is an early years centre that offers playgroups and services for young children as well as education and support for parents. They have individual support, groups, and workshops to help young families thrive from the first weeks home to getting ready to enter kindergarten. They also host a wonderful outdoor playgroup called Wild Child for children ages of all ages. The group is held three days a week at various outdoor locations. Click here for more information.

Recreation and Social Connection

London Public Library is so much more than just books. They have programming for kids, teens, and adults that includes interest groups, lectures and educational series, performances and more. Follow the links to check out their events calendar or pick up the Access catalogue at your local branch

The City of London’s recreational programming offers classes and workshops for children, teens, adults, seniors, and families. Whether your interest is intramural sports, crafting, learning a new language, or brushing up on cooking skills, they have lots of courses at reasonable prices. They also have programming for parents and tots, if you’re looking to connect with other parents (or just find a way to those long afternoons…).

Meetup is a free online service that connects adults to interest groups in their area. The goal is to provide adults the opportunity to meet new people while doing something they love. The best part is, every meetup activity has a host whose job it is to make newcomers feel welcome, so you don’t have to worry about showing up and not having anyone to talk to. They have groups that gather together to go to plays or sporting events, to talk craft beer or tarot cards, or to hear speakers on everything from climate change to how to find the right pet for your family. There is something for everyone here.