and Worry

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You’re overwhelmed.

Even though you’re trying your best to stay on top of it, life keeps coming at you with tasks to do, things to change, ways to be, people to please. You look around and it seems like other people are managing it all, so why can’t you?

You start to judge yourself. You start to feel like maybe you’re not doing a good enough job. You push yourself harder, but nothing seems to get better. In fact, things are getting worse. It seems like you spend your days either feeling tense and stressed or completely exhausted.

You’re tired. You’re depleted. You’re stressed out. You’re burnt out.

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Some days you blame yourself, telling yourself you need to try harder, be better. Other times, you feel resentful towards the people in your life for not offering more support, for not recognizing how hard you are trying. Then comes the guilt for feeling this way. It seems like it’s a negative spiral that’s sucking you down with the force of a whirlpool. The feelings of overwhelm, of not being good enough, of misery grow and grow until it’s hard to imagine a way out.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I can help you to break free from overwhelm, anxiety and self-criticism. Together, we can figure out how to regain balance in your life. We can discover the sense of meaning that provides real motivation and engagement with your work, with your children, with your partner, with yourself. We can reclaim joy, energy, and hope. We can move you towards the life you want.

I can help if you're struggling with...

Work Stress

The pressures of the workplace seem never-ending. You’re giving it your all and you know you’re good at what you do, but you don’t feel successful. Whether it’s a toxic workplace, being asked to do more with less, or the demands of a high-stress environment, you find you are feeling snowed under by stress and overwhelm. Maybe anxiety is creeping up on you. Maybe burn out is starting to sap your motivation and energy. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost the passion you used to have for your job. It’s getting harder and harder to convince yourself to get up in the morning. When you get home at the end of the day, there’s no energy for friends and family. You just crash and lose yourself in TV or your phone. You drag yourself to bed where you sleep poorly and then you get up and start all over again the next day.

75% of adults report physical and psychological symptoms of stress. 1 in 3 adults reports living with extreme stress.
1 in 7 women will experince postpartum mental health issues

Perinatal Issues (Postpartum Depression and Anxiety)

You had a dream of having a family but the reality just doesn’t match. It was supposed to be natural. You knew it would be hard but no one ever told you it was this hard.

Maybe you feel anxious and your brain never seems to shut off. Maybe you feel depressed or numb and it’s hard to connect with the loving feelings you have for your child. Maybe you have sudden thoughts that feel frightening or shameful.  You find yourself having bursts of anger and resentment that seem to come out of nowhere. Your relationships are starting to feel the strain but you don’t know what to do about it. And you are just so tired. You have no idea you could be this tired.

You feel like you have to put on a happy face, have to be a good mother because this is supposed to be the best experience of your life, right? You look around and it seems like other parents are doing just fine. You start to think that maybe there’s something wrong with you. If you tried harder, were a better mother, it wouldn’t be like this.

Self-Criticism and Self-Esteem

It seems like you go through your days with a little voice in the back of your head letting you know you’re doing everything wrong. You start each day with the intention of being the best parent, partner, friend, or employee you can be but by the end of the day, all you can see is the mistakes you made. The rational part of you knows that, in actuality, you’re not doing too badly (maybe even really well!), but there’s another part that tells you you’re just not enough.

Not good enough. Not smart enough. Not attractive enough. Not patient enough. Not disciplined enough. Not kind enough. Not lovable enough.

And that part is loud.  It’s getting harder and harder to ignore that part and feel good about yourself. In fact, a lot of the time you feel just plain bad about yourself. It seems like you spend most of your time thinking about things you’ve done wrong or worrying about how you could be better. 

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It doesn’t have to be this hard. You can feel better. Life can be easier. You can feel more at ease in your own skin. If you’re ready to get started or if you want to learn more, click the button below and get in touch with me.